Empowering Women with Sewing Machine:

Women are strongest pillar of our country, our family or every home. It is really very sad that women of our country are still not safe, secure, and independent. India is still male dominant society where women are treated as a maid or thing which are only for use. Akhil Bhartya Manav Kalyan Sewa Sansthan are very close to these women who are living like slave. There are many reasons which is heavy effecting women life like:

  • Illiteracy
  • Child Marriage
  • Widow

  • It is really very surprising that in our country still daughter and women are treated as imprecation in our society. Women are facing partiality from very childhood of their life and you can say for whole live. These women accept all these as their fate.

    To help them and to provide them a better life our NGO are running many campaigns time to time like computer education center. To empower women recently our NGO distributed sewing machine to those women who know to operate them and can earn some money for their survival. Also we are providing training to women so that they can earn for their livelihood.

    In March 2018, we have established a free computer center for children and distributed sewing machine to women in Aligarh District, Uttar Pradesh, so that they can me self dependent.

    We also request you people to come forward and join our NGO to help poor, helpless and needy women and children. A small effort and contribution from your side can bring smile and confidence on their face.

    To join us please call us or drop your message through email. Your efforts will be really appreciable
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    Collect fund over the world

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