Gaushala :

There are three mothers for everyone in their life:

  • One who gives birth
  • Our India (Bharat Mata)
  • Cow ( also known as universal motherhood)

  • From very childhood, we knows that "cow is our mother". We always consider cow as a god. Cow gives us milk which are very suitable for everyone whether they are new born baby or old age people. Not only milk everything which belongs to cow are very useful for us.

    In current scenario due to busy schedule of people cows are getting ignored. To prevent these cow, provide them better facility and life Akhil Bhartiya Manav Kalyan Sewa Sansthan constructed a guashala where more than 1000 cows can stay and get all the facilities.

    Definitely, we all should always take care of animal, especially of cows. To kill any cow it is really sin, still people use to do for their luxurious life. In our Indian history, cow is very deeply rooted from very ancient time.

    There is more than 200 million cows in our country. As an average each cow give approx 200 ltr milk every year, which is really very important for survival of all human beings. Not only milk other products like Go-mutra, Go-maya, Ghee, Bone, Skin all are very useful. Go-mutra, Ghee and Milk having the strongest power to fight with many kind of disease.

    We at Akhil Bhartiya Charitable trust, are very focused towards cow care. If you people also think we are doing right and it is really very holy work then please come forward and join us. Your association with our NGO is really very appreciable and you will get satisfaction in your life. We are here and living our life due to cow so it's our responsibility to take care of her. For further details and more enquiry please make an enquiry to us.

    To join us please call us or drop your message through email. Your efforts will be really appreciable
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    Collect fund over the world

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